Bikini - Laser vs Wax

Hey Cookies, by now we hope you all know that we offer bikini laser services. And, being that it’s a new service, we want to give you the skinny on that bikini – laser vs wax. Take it away Nichole!

  1. One of the biggest differences between lasering and waxing is longevity. Laser can be done on the bikini area in a series of 8-10 treatments and results in permanent hair reduction in that area.  Those who need maintenance after usually only have about 10% growth of peach fuzz after about 3-5 years. To refresh, 1 or 2 sessions should do it. A waxing service only lasts 2-4 weeks, so it has to be done much more throughout the year and does not result in permanent hair removal.
  1. Another is the optimal hair removal length. For lasering, hair does not have to be grown out at all; it’s actually better to have it freshly shaved to the skin. This makes it convenient in-between treatments, because you can still shave.  With waxing, hair has to grow for about 2-3 weeks or have 1/4 inch of growth to be treatable, which means it can get a little scary in between appointments.
  1. Both methods are safe for all skin types.  A few years back, a medium olive or ebony skin individual would not have been considered a candidate for laser, but with the new technology advancements, it’s now safe for any skin type to have laser done with effective results.
  1. Risks from both services include hyperpigmentation or superficial burn (1st degree) and ingrown hairs or lifting of skin can occur from waxing.
  1. Whether doing laser hair removal or waxing during the summer, be very diligent about using SPF at all times.  Waxing slightly exfoliates the skin and exposing that fresh skin to the sun unprotected can increases the chances of hyper-pigmentation. Lasering can also leave skin susceptible to pigmentation changes with excessive un-protected sun exposure immediately following treatment.  Wear a BROAD SPECTRUM UVA & UVB sunscreen (at least 30spf) after treatments.

Come on in and chat with one of our experts to see which service best suits YOU! Because, who doesn’t want to feel great in their itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini?!