Glitter Lips

The glitter lip trend is everywhere, and customizing your bling is a FUN and EASY way to add a little unexpected sparkle to your makeup for the season.  All you need is Boom Boom Brow Bar Brow-ssiere brow gel, a lip brush and fun, festive glitter.

Our makeup artist, Danielle Boyer, agrees that glitter lips are all the rave right now...but instead of spending a ton of money on a glittery gloss, she thinks it’s much more fun to make your own!

  1. 1. Dip a disposable lip brush into Brow-ssiere and apply product to the entire lip surface until they look nice and glossy. All the goodness that keeps your brows in place, will secure anything you put on your lips too!
  2. 2. Apply your glitter – it can be a shimmery shadow, glitter, gems or sequins…get creative!
  3. And that’s it – you’re ready for any holiday event with your new statement lip!!
Glitter Face.png