3 Steps to Better Brows

Perfectly sculpted full brows are pretty much an obsession right now, because whether you’re young or old, fair or dark, wear lots of makeup or not, everyone looks sooooo much better with bold brows framing their eyes.

Some go to great lengths to get the perfect brows with fancy, expensive and risky services like microblading and implants…but let’s be real and keep it simple, all most people need is a good shaping (tweeze, wax or laser) and a good filler (powder or pencil)…and maybe a nice highlighter to make all that good stuff pop.

  1. SHAPE - Work with what you have, and if you don’t have much use a growth serum like Boom Boom Brow Job. You want your brows to be sisters, not twins. And, because you’re working with what you have, don’t try to copy someone else’s brows, be true to yourself and your own beauty. Here are some shaping guidelines.
Brow Arch.png

Start: Hold the brush parallel to the side of the nose, where the brush meets the brow is where the brow should begin.

Arch 2.png

Arch: Hold the brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of the eye (the iris), where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of the arch should be.

Arch 3.png

End: Extend the brush diagonally from the nostril, following the outside edge of the eye toward the brow. Where the inside edge of the brush hits is where the brow should end.


  1. FILL - You want people to look at your face and notice your beautiful brows, not stare at you and wonder what’s up with those brows! So when filling in with powder or pencil, use short precise strokes that give the illusion of hair. Boom Boom Seamless Brow has a fine brush applicator (think small paint brush) that helps get the prefect hair-like strokes. If using a powder, apply it with an angled brush to get the effect, and if using a pencil, make sure it’s super sharp so the lines will be small and fine, like hair. 
  1. HIGHLIGHT – No one’s perfect, and that’s why we love a good highlighter that can highlight all the good stuff we create and help hide other stuff. Apply Boom Boom

Push-Up Brow’s matte concealer side on the brow bone to create the illusion of lift and to camouflage stragglers that grow between shapings. You can also dab the sparkle side on the inside corner of the eye for a dash of pop. And, one of the oldest makeup artists tricks in the book for making someone look less tired and more vibrant - line the lower inside of your eye with the matte side, it covers the red rim and makes eyes look awake and happy. Videohttp://youtu.be/NqCfz218sRc


BOOM – three easy steps for better brows! Share with a friend in need.