The Secret to Shaping the Perfect Arch

The Benefits of Sitting Up While Shaping Brows

Traditionally, shaping brows was done lying down; hence all those thin brows that just didn’t look quite right.  The reason is, facial muscles relax, and when you lay down gravity takes its toll and distorts your features.  Shaping brows sitting up allows your eyebrows to be assessed in their natural state - the way others actually see them and the way they look to you when you look in a mirror. 

Sitting up allows you to shape symmetrical arches and better judge where brows should begin and end in relation to the other features on a face, which helps to make brows proportionate.  Features get distorted when lying down, making it harder to create a shape that will ultimately look good when standing up.

Now that brows are a part of most women’s regular beauty routines, shaping them should be affordable and convenient.  That’s why Boom Boom is all about walk-ins – you can come in at your own convenience and sit for 10 minutes to take care of business. 

No scheduling and rescheduling of appointments and no laying down in a back room, that’s so old school, takes too much time and does NOT make for big bold brows.  Yup, the longer, straighter fuller brows of today are done sitting up (ideally, once a month)!

Know someone who’s still on her back?  Share this and invite her to walk-in to The Boom!