Permanent Makeup Is Back — And It Looks Nothing Like It Did 20 Years Ago

Reposted From Bustle; By OLIVIA MUENTER


When I told my parents last year that I was getting my eyebrows microbladed, they barely reacted. "OK, what's that?" they asked.

"It's basically tattooing tiny lines on my face that look like a perfectly sculpted eyebrow," I answered.

And then they started to panic a bit. For my parents, and most people, the idea of tattooing makeup on your face immediately conjures images of '90s and early '00s permanent and semi-permanent makeup. But what this type of procedure was 20, and even just 10, years ago is not what it is today. Still, make no mistake — this type of makeup is back, and it isn't going away any time soon.

When it comes to tattooing makeup on your face, the misconceptions that stem from what permanent and semi-permanent makeup was in the past are understandably hard to let go of. The tattoo guns and paper-thin eyebrow tattoos that existed in the past have now been (mostly) replaced with microblading — a semi-permanent procedure that involves a tiny, tiny, tiny blade digging into your skin so that ink can fill the tiny cut and tattoo you. The result is a completely natural-looking eyebrow when it's done correctly.

Kaitlin DiDominica is a microblading expert at New York's Boom Boom Brow Bar, where she has been an semi-permanent makeup expert for two years and an medical esthetician and makeup artist for 10 years.

"I think some people are scared to have microblading done because they do associate it with tattooed eyebrows," DiDominica tells Bustle. "They don't realize that it is a two- to three-time procedure where [the ink] is matched to a client's natural eyebrow color as closely as possible. It's not like permanent make up of the past that would fade and unfortunately turn green."