Pro Makeup Tips for Your Honeymoon

Who doesn’t want to look their best on their honeymoon/vacay?! And, we totally get that you don’t want to spend much time on a beauty routine, because you’re suppose to be on vacation!!   

If your honeymoon (where lots of photos will be taken) is a few weeks after your wedding, it’s time for another brow shaping.  While you’re at it, treat yourself to a brow and lash tint too. The brow tint will fill in your brows so you can spend less time with makeup and the lash tint will allow you to skip the mascara…and the worry that it will be all over your face at the pool or spontaneous cocktails in the hot tub.  At The Boom, we use a signature blue black in our tint that gives the effect of making the whites of your eyes look super super white, which opens them up and really makes them POP!  Plus, the lash and brow tint we use is vegetable based and super safe for use around your eyes and delicate hair.

For extra shine, swipe on Boom Booms Brow-ssiere, this clear brow gel will set your brows in place for all day hold and give your brows and lashes a beautiful healthy sheen.  And remember, even brow hair needs protection, so make sure to apply sunscreen to your entire face, including the brow area.

Stop in at Boom Boom today for a lash and brow tint combo so you can have a makeup-free, carefree vacay!! Know someone going on a trip?  Share the brow love.