3 Things Every Bride Should Have for Touchups on Her Wedding Day

Many brides splurge and buy all the makeup used on them for their wedding day, and the great thing about doing this is then they have it for touchups.  BUT, whether you splurge or not, makeup artist Danielle Boyer (http://www.daniellevictoriaboyer.com/) says these are the three MUST HAVE items every bride should carry with her…so get a cute bag too!

1) Lipstick!!!! If you didn’t buy one, your makeup artist should be able to get you a sample with a disposable lip brush. Lipstick is always the first to go…make sure to check in the mirror every so often to refresh.

2) Have your makeup artist provide you with a tiny amount if setting powder, with a sponge. Setting spray is great as well. This will take away any shine and fight against humidity. Keeping you picture perfect with a natural bridal glow, not sweaty Betty;) Just pad a little under the eyes and all over the face, and always touch up eyes after you get a little teary eyed. Make sure to always pad and never wipe!

3) Have amazing mascara on hand like Boom Booms XXXL Mascara in case of an EMERGENCY! Like loosing an eyelash or you feel you’ve lost a lot of mascara, which can easily happen on this emotionally blissful day. Be careful to reapply just a little…Boom Boom’s mascara is so voluminous; you won’t even miss those lashes!

That’s it! Make your MOH, MOB or someone special carry this little bag of tricks for you and you will be all set! Literally ;)