Boomer Brows- Correcting for Years of Over-Plucking

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The youngest Baby Boomers are now in their 50s!!  They grew up madly plucking their brows only to come full circle trying to grow them back to be on trend with the longer fuller ant-aging arches of today. Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom), owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar(link is external) in NYC, is very familiar with the thin rainbow arch and partially drawn-on brow, and is happy to say that after serving 330k+ eyebrows, she knows how to get a Baby Boomer back on track.

“I think everyone took too much off back in the day… those over-plucked frames are dated and make people look older and tired.  I advise my guests to grow back their brows to a longer fuller shape and get a tint, it gives the appearance of a mini lift around eyes, and that makes people look younger and brighter,” says Boom Boom.


3 Tips for Creating an Arch That Lifts

1. Grow - Grow brows in…brows can get thinner with age, so advise guests to use a growth serum, eat right and cultivate those arches so there is enough to work with to create a new more youthful shape.

2. Shape - Professional shaping is the way to go…longer, straighter, fuller brows with less of an arch are on trend…they create a lift and make people look younger.  This includes having those longer grey strands trimmed.

3. Tint - A tint covers grey hair and highlights even all the tiny hairs in the brow with color, making brows look deeper, richer and thicker.  Brows very often also look longer and wider, maximizing the full potential of creating a frame around eyes.  When eyes are framed properly, they look less tired and more open, which lifts the face, creating a more youthful appearance. 

Even if the top three tips are not taken into consideration, at least use tell guests to use a brow powder or pencil to fill any holes or thin areas that don’t have any hair at all.  Powder and pencil used the correct way can also help correct a thin rainbow arch by adding width to minimize the arch more a more updated look.