4 Tips for Growing Bridal Brows

APRIL 5, 2019


 “Growing in eyebrows takes time, brides should start the process at least three months prior to their wedding date to ensure there’s enough to work with,” explains Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar (NYC).

Follow these 4 tips for promoting growth:

  1. Diet – Increase intake of Vitamin B, B-1, B-2, BiotinIron and Protein to fuel hair growth

  2. Hydration – Cells have to be hydrated to promote growth, so drink lots of water.  Applying oils such as castor, coconut or jojoba can also maximize hydration and stimulate follicles.

  3. Serums  Most brow serums (applied twice a day) take 3-4 months for results.  If bold brows are the goal, plan ahead!

Grooming  DO NOT TOUCH BROWS for 12 weeks, that means no tweezing.  Use a spoolie to promote growth in the right direction.  Seek professional help to trim, shape and manage the growth process.  Remember, a stray hair that’s tempting to pluck now could turn out to be a crucial member of a newer thicker brow later!!

“Big bold brows frame eyes and make you look beautiful in your pictures, it’s so worth it!” adds Boom Boom.

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