The Best Tweezers for Hair Removal, According to Aestheticians

Whether you want to do some upkeep between eyebrow-threading sessions or you prefer to do all of the brow maintenance yourself, having a reliable set of tweezers in your medicine cabinet comes in handy. The right pair of tweezers can make plucking less painful and more precise — not to mention help you banish an errant face hair, ingrown hair on your bikini line, and any number of other fine hairs that might bug you. And while you might have an old faithful pair of tweezers for your brows, they won’t always do the trick for other hairs, especially stubborn ingrowns. To find the best tweezers to remove every type of hair on your body, we talked with six aestheticians and brow experts about their favorite tweezers for eyebrow shaping and maintenance, facial hair, and ingrown hairs.

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